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Turn any footage into scroll-breaking viral videos.

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Get Results!

  • You send us any footage

  • We take the viral parts

  • Edit them in your unique style

  • You receive and send feedback

  • Get Results!

Turn any footage into scroll-breaking viral videos.

Stop dealing with editors.

Stop getting headaches talking to editors. Save $10k+ a year vs. hiring freelancers or full-timers.

Work with people you trust.

Our world-class team is highly trained to be consistent & efficient. Get what you want, always.

Get more results.

Using our science-based editing, the videos edited by us always get more views than the rest.

YouTube Shorts

Enhance your AdSense with scroll-breaking videos.

Instagram Reels

Outsmart the IG algorithm with precise edits.

TikTok Videos

Jump in on the TikTok trend! Dancing included.

Podcast to Shorts

Repurpose your podcast into bite-sized videos.

Product Demos

Convert visitors to customers using video.

Video Explainers

Simplify complex ideas to engage your audience.

Social Media Ads

One-stop solution for social media advertising.

Motion Graphics

Elevate your brand with dynamic animations.

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24/7 Personal support

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Get your own full-time editor

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Efficient systems in place

Custom requests & styles

Your own Support team

Help with ideas, scripts...

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Facilitated Payments

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  • 🎥 Turn Any Video Into 1 Short Clip
  • ⭐ Clip with Viral Potential
  • ✍️ Interactive & Animated Captions
  • 😎 Emojis, GIFS, and Stock
  • ⚙️ Branding & Specific requests
  • ✅ Discounts for Future Orders

Any questions?

If you choose the On-Demand plan, you can order as many videos as you’d like. For the Professional it can vary from style to style, but you can expect between 30 to 120 videos a month. 

On Professional plan, we ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final product. You have unlimited revisions to make your vision a reality. The On-Demand plan is limited to 2 free revisions per video.

Our app is mainly for On-Demand orders that are based on fixed styles defined by our team. You can also use the app for the Monthly Packages. The Professional plan is for those who want consistent work on a specific, custom style tailored for them – and 24/7 personal support. 

Typically, our turnaround time for app video editing projects is 24 to 48 hours. You can check your order’s progress on the app anytime.

Based on current client’s styles, it can take from 1 to 5 hours per video. When defining your style, turnaround time is one of the things we’ll keep in mind. We’ll also keep you informed every step of the way until the video is ready.

We are always updating video elements based on the current trending data for short videos. This ensures our editing is as effective as possible on the science of getting views. You can check our cases on The Results Page.

You can, but it’s an absolute pain in the ass. Posting jobs, interviewing, testing, setting up systems, quality checking… We remove all those headaches and risks by managing everything for you. All you have to do is press record.

On the On-Demand plan, you can send a cloud link or use our upload tool. For the Professional plan, we set up a custom workflow to make everything easier: from uploading footage to reviewing the final edit.

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About us

We are Conect Vids, a team of passionate professionals revolutionizing short-form video editing. With a shared vision and a drive for creativity, we broke free from the constraints of uninspiring workplaces to build something extraordinary.

Specializing in TikTok and Reels video editing, we understand the art of capturing attention and maximizing engagement. Our advanced techniques ensure your content stands out, generating views and retention.

At Conect Vids, we’re dedicated to bringing your creative vision to life. We collaborate closely with you, delivering exactly what you envision. With our talented editors and cutting-edge technology, we create stunning visuals and captivating effects, keeping your content on the forefront of digital trends.

Join us on this exciting journey, whether you’re an influencer seeking viral TikTok videos or a brand enhancing your online presence through captivating Reels. Let’s connect through the power of video!

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